Announcing gnome-speech 0.4.19

* What is gnome-speech?

GNOME-speech provides a simple general API for producing text-to-speech
(TTS) output.  It also provides drivers for several TTS engines, both
commercial and open source.

The gnome-speech 0.4.x release series should work on GNOME 2.16.x, GNOME
2.18.x, GNOME 2.20.x, GNOME 2.22.x, and GNOME 2.23.x.

* What's changed for gnome-speech 0.4.19?

This is just a maintenance release to make the eSpeak build work better.

* be smarter about automatically finding espeak

* drivers/espeak/ remove libstdc++.  It is not needed
  and makes the Solaris build fail.

* Where can I get it?

Source code:



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