ANNOUNCE: Gimmie 0.2.8 released


The new Gimmie version 0.2.8 release is out!

Gimmie is a unique desktop organizer designed to allow easy
interaction with all the applications, devices, people, documents and
other resources you use every day.

Gimmie can be run as as a GNOME Panel applet or as a stand-alone Dock

To see Gimmie in action, or to learn more, check out the Gimmie
Wiki located at:


Improvements in version 0.2.8 include:
  * Allow setting Pidgin online status (Seif Lotfy, Alex Gabriel)
  * Menu change monitoring is re-enabled
  * Pidgin IRC buddies are now listed (Seif Lotfy)
  * Experimental/disabled features are now hidden
  * Many code cleanups and bugs fixed

You can download it here:
  md5sum: 721b8ec80f0247e1281aeb4aa5614c2f
  size: 648KB


Version 0.2.8 is the latest stable release of Gimmie, and the last
major feature release prior to the 0.3 series, coming in the next
couple months.

If you want to get involved in 0.3 development, check out the
developer resource page, and the Roadmap:

If you're interested in steering the future of Gimmie, sign up to the
Gimmie discussion group by visiting:


The Gimmie Panel applet is currently proposed for inclusion in GNOME
2.22. This 0.2.8 release helps to solve many of the issues raised
during the inclusion process, all thanks to the hard work of our users
and contributors.


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