gnome-phone-manager 0.30


Send and receive SMSs on your computer!
Check the battery level of your phone in gnome-power-manager!

It's neat it's fine, it's downloadable here:

And a few things changed:

 * More fixes for sending and receiving text messages with international
   characters that don't fit in the default GSM alphabet

 * Warn when a phone or driver doesn't support getting the state
   of the power source (such as the nk6510)

 * Add the --config flag to dump a gnokiirc file for debugging

 * Add the --debug/-d flag to enable gnokii debugging

 * Add the Sagem myX-7 and Nokia 3110 to the supported phones

I'd encourage everyone with a bit of time, to file bugs if this version
doesn't work as expected.


Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> 
Fucking suits, man, Fucking cunts wandering about, sipping on their
fucking San Pelle-fucking-grinos, making stupid fucking suggestions...
                                                       -- Russell Crowe

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