libgnomekbd 2.21.1

Hi ppl

First unstable release of libgnomekbd in 2.21.x series is ready for
bug reporting.

The major change in that release is that indicator widget no longer
uses dbus client-server overengineered model. This happened because of
some translation-related changes down the stack, in xkeyboard-config
(in CVS) and libxklavier (in CVS). Though, this version of libgnomekbd
is still compatible with released libxklavier (3.3) and
xkeyboard-config (1.1) - but translations just would not work. By the
time GNOME 2.22 is released, new libxklavier 3.4 and xkeyboard-config
1.1 would be released (planned for January), so distromakers should
feel reasonably safe.

I know, it is a bit early but actually that release is somewhat
overdue - because g-c-c has dependency on libgnomekbd 2.21.1 for some

Welcome to get the code from GNOME FTP/Subversion.


Sergey Udaltsov

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