Strongwind 0.9 Released!


We are pleased to announce the that first version (0.9) of Strongwind
has been released.  It is available on our website:

Strongwind is a GUI test automation framework inspired by dogtail.
Strongwind was built from the ground up using pyatspi and includes a
number of new features.

Traditionally, a set of automated test scripts are maintained alongside
a set of manual (human-readable) test scripts.  Maintaining two sets of
scripts for the same purpose is cumbersome.  Strongwind scripts generate
a human-readable log that contains the action, expected result and a
screen shot of each step. Most simple actions are logged automatically,
cutting down on duplicate effort.

Also, Strongwind automatically classifies widgets by their ATK role and
provides implementations for common actions on regular widgets — for
example, selecting an item in a menu or asserting that a window has
closed — but you can extend Strongwind's implementations or add your own
implementations for custom widgets to handle alternate behaviors or
custom widgets in your applications.

More information about Strongwind can be found at our project website,



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