Tinymail pre-release v0.0.3 - E-mail library

I hereby announce the availability of Tinymail's pre-release v0.0.3.


Tinymail is a library for developing mobile applications with E-mail
functionality. The framework provides components that aid the developer
with the user interface but of course also with the connectivity and the
caching of messages.

For more information: http://tinymail.org

This pre-release marks the start of achieving API stability and software
quality. This pre-release contains features like:

   o. Support for IMAP4 (Lemonade)
   o. Support for POP
   o. Support for SMTP
   o. Support for Maildir
   o. Support for SSL and TLS using either OpenSSL or NSS for IMAP, POP
      and SMTP
   o. Support for DIGEST-MD5, CRAM-MD5, GSSAPI, Kerberos 4, NTLM/SPA,
      PLAIN, Login, POP before SMTP
   o. Reading E-mails offline (offline caching)
   o. Various components that go well with Gtk+
   o. Support for HTML E-mails (Gecko)
   o. Documentation
   o. Support for the platforms Maemo, GPE, OLPC and GNOME desktop
   o. Message notifications (Push E-mail) on IMAP
   o. Python language bindings (new since pre-release v0.0.1)

Features that have been left out, that might be added to a final
release, are:

   o. .NET language bindings
   o. C++ language bindings
   o. Vala language bindings
   o. D language bindings
   o. Virtual machine images with test IMAP servers
   o. Virtual machine images with test clients
   o. Support for Webkit when viewing HTML E-mails
   o. ACAP support for account configuration
   o. Message notifications with GMail using XMPP
   o. Unit tests integrated with test IMAP servers
   o. Unit tests specific for the Python language bindings
   o. Documentation updates and improvements

Branch in the Subversion repository:

Trunk in the Subversion repository:

Online API documentation of this pre-release:


de3fd5f8c838ba9c876783d21ebf43bb  libtinymail-0.0.3.tar.bz2
f06ee910d49810a66e0f936b3d4094a8  libtinymail-0.0.3.tar.gz

Packages (usually older versions than 0.0.3):
Ubuntu Gutsy: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/mail/libtinymail-1.0-0

Changes since pre-release 0.0.2:

The pre-release 0.0.2 can be found here:

Philip Van Hoof:        
  * Avoiding the second capability request, eliminating roundtrips when
    connecting. If LOGIN returns a capability response, we assume this
    one is complete enough to continue. The AUTH= ones are not relevant
    anymore as we've authenticated anyway (most IMAP servers don't
    include the AUTH= capabilities in the LOGIN's response).
  * Restarting IDLE when needed
  * Restoring the selected folder if possible after a reconnect
  * Reverted camel-operation.c to rev 2823 for my good friend Sergio
  * Locking issue, fix is experimental
  * A fix for normal CONDSTORE
  * Operation notifactions no longer wait for 4 seconds to group them
    together. This is experimental. Uncomment line 620 of
    camel-operation.c to undo this.
  * Added a -DMERGEFOLDERTEST that will perform a test for
  * Implemented a small test that makes it possible to transfer messages
    from one folder to another using the demoui
  * Removed a few invalid assertions
  * Unread count upon IDLE events
  * Implemented QRESYNC for IMAP4 servers that already implement it:
  * Unread count problems with TnyMergeFolder
  * Removed use of strcasestr, replaced with own implementation
  * non-case sensitivity of IMAP responses
  * Various memory problem fixes
  * Made sure that the standard Maildir format also works (with the ':'
    as flag separator character). The standard for Tinymail, though, is
    to use the '!' character (fallback when reading is ':').
  * Made the sizes of Maildir E-mails more accurate (using stat())
  * Fixed regression on the regression fix of a few days ago :)
  * Renamed Maildir filenames to have '!' in stead of '_' or ':' in
    their filenames
  * iconv error situation handler
  * Bugfix when the summary file was not yet created for a Maildir
  * Merged camel-mime-utils.c with uptream Camel
  * Backported a patch from Niels Christens on Camel to Camel-Lite. The
   patch fixed the behaviour when the server expects a TLS HELLO, while
   SSL version 2 is used.
  * Merged camel-lite with upstream Camel revision 8099
  * Merged bugfix from Matthew Barnes. More information here:
  * Changed the address of FSF in the copyright notes
  * Further merging upstream Camel with camel-lite
  * -Wall warnings
  * -pedantic warnings
  * TnyCamelSendQueue should not error if the TnyDevice went offline
  * Bugfixes in TnyGtkFolderStoreTreeModel
  * Unsigned integers can't be < 0
  * Fixed (avoided) a memory leak in saving CamelObject's states
  * Sending messages, some fixes for the CC and BCC fields
  * Date-Received on maildir was foobar
  * Local-size updates after sync, sync_async and add_msg and
  * Fixed a possible too-early cleanup of the account
  * Fixed a possible crash when renaming folders

Vivek Sekar:
* Added microb-engine-dev and changed the debug architecture to 'any'
  in debian/control.maemo1.

Jose Dapena Paz:
* Some fixes to mozembed build.
* Disable mozembed packages build in maemo.
* m4/moz.m4: add support for gtkmozembed library using gtkembedmoz.pc.
  Also export mozilla_home.
* debian/rules.maemo: compile with mozembed support.
* debian/control.maemo1: compile with mozembed support.
* tests/c-demo/tny-main.c: remove mozilla calls in main.
* configure.ac: some fixes for html module detection. Use mozilla home.
  Now we only use detection of xpcom for being sure we've got an engine
* Removed libtinymailui-mozembed/mozilla-preferences.{cpp,h}, as we now
  use gtk moz embed api to set preferences.
* libtinymalui-mozembed/Makefile.am: removed mozilla preferences from
* libtinymailui-mozembed/tny-moz-embed-html-mime-part-view.c:
  Now we use gtk moz embed to set preferences. We also set properly the
  component path (mozilla home from used engine), and the profile path
  (using the progname). We set a default chrome without scrollbars.
* libtinymail/tny-merge-folder.c: (tny_merge_folder_get_id): fixed id
  generation. We were setting this with a fixed value always due to an
  error in initialisation. Now we calculate an id with the merged
  folder id's and their account id's.
* tny_merge_folder_get_url_string: created implementation. Now it gets
  the merge folder id as part of the url string
* libtinymail-camel/tny-camel-common.c,
  _foreach_email_add_to_inet_addr: now we don't use strtok_r() to
  split the string to addresses, as we weren't taking into account the
  quotes. I implemented a new _split_recipients() method that takes
  quotes into account.
* _string_to_camel_inet_addr: now we remove the quotes in the name part
   of an address, as they are added by camel part automatically.

Dirk-Jan C. BInnema:
 * depend on / use NSS for debian builds for maemo
 * fix some tny mem leaks

Sergio Villar Sen�
 * libtinymail-camel/tny-camel-folder.c: fixed an issue when
   transferring folders, the CamelFolderInfo of the parent of the
   folder that is moved is now NULLized.

Mark Doffman:
* bindings/python/*defs: Updated to reflect changes in
  tny_gtk_header_list_model_set_folder and additions to the tinymail
* bindings/python/Makefile.am: Added a generated file to the CLEANFILES
  to fix release problems.
* /bindings/python/*: Remove the platform generation from the
  automatically generated bindings.
* /bindings/python/README: Update for changes to the way the python
  bindings are generated.
* /tests/python-demo/*: Add implementations of a tny-list
  iterator, platform factory, and account store. Update the
  svn ignore to ignore the compiled python files.
* /tests/python-demo/tinymail-python-test.py: Modify to use the python
  implementation of the platform factory.

Philip Van Hoof, software developer
home: me at pvanhoof dot be 
gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org 

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