Eye of GNOME 2.20.1

Hi all,

This is the first maintenance release of Eye of GNOME (EOG) in the
2.20 stable line. It has some very important bug fixes. We expect to
get more important/major fixes on 2.20.2 release as well. Woohoo!

* What is it ?

Eye of GNOME (EOG) is the image viewer for the GNOME desktop.

* What's changed in 2.20.1 ?

Misc improvements/fixes:

  * Correctly set message area style (Lucas Rocha)

Bug fixes:

  #482752, crash when opening a tiff image (eog_image_load) (Felix Riemann)
  #475645, When an image is saved, the selection is lost (Lucas Rocha)
  #476313, plugins about dialog is not gtk+-2.11/2.12 ready (Felix Riemann)
  #477550, fileformat combobox in save-as-many dialog is empty (Felix Riemann)
  #479029, eog crashes when showing Image Collection (Felix Riemann)
  #479400, Renamed files vanish from the collection (Claudio Saavedra)
  #479884, Mouse dragging UI broken. (Lucas Rocha)
  #482128, Hangs on XPM file (Felix Riemann)
  #486057, "SetAsWallpaper" functionality doesn't launch background
           properties (Felix Riemann)

New and updated translations:

- Luca Ferretti [it]
- Changwoo Ryu [ko]
- Ihar Hrachyshka [be latin]
- Urbančič Matej [sl]

* Where can I get it ?

Source code:

md5sums: 7f09da6d718692d7e8623aa6e8df62e2

md5sums: 5024d75bf7d6159da970d41f5dbfcff7


The EOG Team

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