ANNOUNCEMENT: gnome-keyring 2.20.1

gnome-keyring is the part of the GNOME Desktop that saves your network
and other passwords securely.

Changes between 2.20.0 and 2.20.1:

    * Link pam module properly with libpam [Sebastian Dr�
    * Remove 'install-pam' make target [R� Cardona]
    * Return a 'not found' result when no results are returned
      from a find operation.
    * Don't remove 'default' file on exit. [Alex Larrson]
    * Recognize newly created keyrings properly. [Darren Kenny]

Updated Translations:

   * Jakub Friedl (cs)
   * Kostas Papadimas (el)
   * Changwoo Ryu (ko)
   * Alexander Shopov (bg)


Source code:
[MD5 sum: b6666d8b937a6e7f2920d44e100ab919]

Stef Walter

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