Hotwire 0.599

Hello world,

Hotwire 0.599 is out with a fairly large UI rework (see changes for
details), basic infrastructure for plugins, and a number of bugfixes.

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Home page:

Hotwire is:
* A modern, hybrid text/graphical shell for developers and system
* A replacement for gnome-terminal/xterm + /bin/sh on Linux/Unix
* A replacement for Windows PowerShell on Windows (once we fix Windows bugs)
* Also slightly influenced by MacOS X Automator
* Free Software and runs on Linux (with GNOME) and Windows (see above)
* Written in Python

Changes copy/paste from wiki:
== Changes in Hotwire 0.599 (Current Release) ==

Visible changes:

 * Menu items added.
 * New display UI for commands; there is an "overview" mode, and old
commands don't always take up space.
 * Completed commands are now automatically removed 5 minutes after completion
 * Add basic support for user plugins in ~/.hotwire/plugins
 * Added builtin editor for when subprocesses invoke $EDITOR but the
variable isn't set, because the default editor on most platforms
requires a terminal.
 * Support for common-prefix completion; if you have several files
named foo-x.c, foo-y.c, TAB will fill in from f to foo-.
 * Allocate a PTY when executing subprocesses; this forces them to be
line-buffered so Hotwire gets output immediately.
 * Initial support for terminal codes (right now just backspace); this
makes progress bars drawn by e.g. rpm work.
 * "ls" outputs filenames in locale order

Notable bugfixes:

 * Disable Ctrl-T/Ctrl-N keybindings when in terminal tab.
 * Avoid passing through Ctrl-shift-C to terminal (i.e. copy/paste
won't interrupt subprocesses)
 * Correctly handle globs for non-current directories (Issue #10).
 * Make first path item clickable (issue #9).
 * Work on older PyGTK releases
 * Require exact matches for automatic command resolution (e.g. typing
"foo RET" won't auto-expand to /usr/bin/foomatic)

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