swfdec 0.5.3 is released


After almost two months of work, the Swfdec team is proud to release
Swfdec 0.5.3, the best Swfdec ever.

swfdec-0.5.3 "Tennis"
MD5: bbabc83acad340479bae5dd125c40fc7

swfdec-mozilla-0.5.3 "I like Hello Kitty Island Adventure a lot more
than this stuff"
MD5: ae29ef8881e61cdc024d8242f2c15da9

This release saw a focus on code cleanup and support for a lot more
built-in objects. Plus, you can really start gaming with your browser
now. See the screenshots page at
http://swfdec.freedesktop.org/ScreenShots for what to do with your new
Swfdec release.

Swfdec still follows the no-crashes-allowed policy. Should you still
succeed in finding a crasher, please immediately file a bug at

For more information about Swfdec, see http://swfdec.freedesktop.org

contributors to this release:
Andreas Nilsson, Benjamin Otte, Pavel Roskin, Pekka Lampila


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