ANNOUNCE: Cutter-0.2.0 released

I am pleased to introduce the first release of Cutter.  Cutter is a Uit
Testing Framework for C. It aims to write test without redundant

It loads shared object file and invoke functions that start with "test_"
in the shared object one after the other. You do not need to write
XX_register_test() or something complicated functions. setup() and
teardown() are also loaded from the shared object and invoke before and
after running each test respectively.

The following is a very simple code.

#include <cutter.h>

void test_strstr(void);

setup (void)
    /* prepare something */

teardown (void)
    /* clean up something */

                         strstr("string sub-string", "sub"));

Read documents on web site[1] for more detail.
The source code is avairable at[2].


Thank you,

Hiroyuki Ikezoe

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