Hotwire 0.620 available

Hello world,

Hotwire 0.620 is available.  This is mostly a small feature+bugfix
followup release to 0.600, which had a truckload of changes.  I also
did some optimizations; in particular you will almost certainly notice
the speed increase for system command output.

Source Download link:
Home page:

What is Hotwire (short version):
Hotwire is a Python-based object oriented crossplatform command execution shell.
Hotwire is not a terminal emulator, nor is it something you can set as
your Unix "login shell"; instead, Hotwire unifies the concepts of
shell and terminal and can natively do about 80-90% of what one would
normally do in a terminal+shell; for the rest, Hotwire can embed VTE.
Practically speaking, Hotwire provides a modern command interface for
developers and system administrators to interact with the computer.

Changes copy/paste from wiki:

Changes in Hotwire 0.620 (Current Release)

Visible Changes:

    * Change some system commands to open in new terminal window,
which does not close when the command exits. Examples include 'sudo'
and 'su' - often you want to see the final output of the command after
it exits.
    * Complete commands are only removed after they've been viewed
(nice for background make, etc.)
    * Command output is significantly faster
    * Cache uid/gid lookups, which speeds up file listings
    * Basic preferences dialog
    * Menu mnemonics added
    * Support for turning off menu mnemonics, and using Emacs
keybindings for input
    * Watch GConf for monospace font changes (if available)
    * Terminal supports Ctrl-click on URLs ( issue #55 )
    * Change window title based on tab name
    * New HotSshBuiltin? (named ssh) which invokes hotssh (if available)
    * Add kill builtin, with completion on process list
    * Fix transparency of throbber
    * term iotop for iotop by default.

API Changes:

    * New API for registering completers for system commands: ShellCompleters?

Notable bugfixes:

    * Ignore SIGHUP in subprocesses, because we close the pty when parent exits
    * Pass working directory onto programs run from menuitems ( issue #58 )

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