gnome-games 2.20.2 released

gnome-games 2.20.2

This is a bugfix release of the stable branch of gnome-games.



Chess: (all Robert Ancell)
- Set toolbar style to default system style
- Choose AI for default game from first detected AI not first known AI
- Add support for Toga II engine
- Don't allow 3D mode if cannot get a valid OpenGL configuration
- If no game on startup start default game of human vs AI
- Fix overzealous game name autogeneration
- Handle carriage returns in PGN files
- Display error dialog and quit if unable to import glchess.glchess
- Catch and ignore all exceptions writing to stdout
- Catch exception killing AI
- Fix exception when autoloading games with invalid AIs
- Moved pygtk.require() to so it is always called first
- Add better support for informal PGN files
- GtkFileChooser.get_current_folder() can return None, handle this case
- Catch GLU exception building mipmaps and fallback to standard textures

- Fix redraw error when holiding right and repeatedly clicking left button

- Display error dialog and quit if unable to import gnome_sudoku.gnome_sudoku
  (Robert Ancell)

Updated translations:

- ar (Anas Husseini)
- ca (Joan Duran, Gil Forcada)
- da (Kenneth Nielsen)
- et (Ivar Smolin)
- fr (Claude Paroz)

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