Evince 2.20.2 released

* What is it ?

Evince is a document viewer.  It primarily displays pdf, though djvu,
tiff, dvi, impress slides, postscript and even comics archives are also 

More information can be found at http://www.gnome.org/projects/evince/

* Where to get it ?

  md5sum: d7b4746bac21276bb56f7341872b3b69
    size: 2.3M

  md5sum: 15214f5211d9f98ffa0afd8158b7d021
    size: 1.6M

What's changed?

Bug fixes:

    * Tiff documents were rendered with wrong colors (Matthias Clasen)
    * Fix endless loop when zero pages per sheet is selected (Darren Kenny)
    * Do not jump to the first page when reloading from command line (Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Memory leak fix (Hiroyuki Ikezoe)
    * Fix printing with poppler splash backend (Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Fix a crash when printing with the gnome-print dialog (Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Warning fix (Sebastien Bacher)


    Matej Urbančič(sl)
    Youssef Chahibi (ar)

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