Announcing Rarian 0.7.0

Rarian is a documentation meta-data library.  It is used by yelp to find
all sorts of files that people might want to read.

This is version 0.7.0, the first in a new series aimed at GNOME 2.20
(and hopefully others).

PLEASE NOTE: This version is INCOMPATIBLE with previous releases.  I
have not switched yelp over (yet) so this is mostly useless at the

New features:

* Add new attributes for hidden (NoDisplay) and default 
  section (DocDefaultSection) to the .document file parsing
* Increase scrictness of parsing in line with the spec.
* omf files now return (approximate) fd.o categories
* Add new requirement to define I_KNOW_RARIAN_0_8_IS_UNSTABLE before
* rarian.h is now a general inclusion guard and main functions have
  moved to rarian-main.h
* Update example program to use new features

Bug fixed:
* #13201 - Compiler warnings
* #12279 - _new functions don't return new structs [1]
           Iterators take the wrong argument type
* Many other minor errors and warnings

This release can be found at:
or via

Please report bugs to:

Mailing list is available via:


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