gnome-games 2.21.2 released

gnome-games 2.21.2

A new version of gnome-games is now available. Mostly more features and fixes
for the chess game by Robert Ancell but also a few fixes for sudoku and
translations. Thanks to everyone that contributed to this release!




Chess: (all by Robert Ancell)
  - Show threatened squares and pieces able to be taken
  - Handle carriage returns in PGN files
  - Put an asterisk in the title bar for games that need saving
  - Sped up PGN decoder by approximately 40%
  - Add support for Toga II engine
  - If no game on startup start default game of human vs AI
  - Fix overzealous game name autogeneration
  - Don't allow 3D mode if cannot get a valid OpenGL configuration
  - Reworked "No 3D" dialog to list reasons why 3D mode cannot be entered

  - Allow for empty lines in sudoku files (Thomas M. Hinkle)
  - Fix decimal value in float error (Thomas M. Hinkle)
  - Fix calculation of big/small borders (Thomas H.P. Andersen)

  - da (Kenneth Nielsen)
  - es (Lucas Vieites)
  - et (Ivar Smolin)
  - nb (Espen Stefansen)
  - sv (Daniel Nylander)

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