Deskbar-Applet 2.21.2 released

This release contains mostly bug fixes and a new action that allows you
to run a command in the terminal. In addition, the search results are
always presented as a description of a action now.


    * Fixed: Layout is destroyed when changing font size. Used relative
values instead of absolutes.
    * Fixed bug #488047: Propagate the return value on
CuemiacEntry::key-press-event back to the entry so that 'handled' is
properly detected and ::key-press-event doesn't get emitted twice.
    * Fixed bug #488066: deskbar applet should use complete vertical
panel space
    * Fixed: Doesn't unbind keybinding when it changes.
    * Fixed bug #490981: Buttons aren't insensitive when no module is
    * Fixed bug #472568: Deskbar launches file texts as programs
    * Fixed: Cannot browse history when pressing up/down key. Show blank
entry when no newer history items are available. Skip
ChooseFromHistoryAction when browsing history. Show deskbar icon if
history item has no icon
    * Fixed bug #489312: action list didn't show binary names
    * Remove on_key_press method of ProgramsHandler class and add new
action "Execute in terminal"
    * Replaced Match's get_hash(self, text=None) with get_hash(self),
because second argument is never provided
    * Always show description (get_verb() % get_name()) of default action

Contributors to this release: Sebastian Pölsterl

Updated Translations:
    * Arabic
    * Belarusian Latin
    * Catalan
    * Estonian
    * Galician
    * Hungarian
    * Norwegian
    * Spanish
    * Swedish

Contributors to the translations: Djihed Afifi, Ihar Hrachyshka, Gil
Forcada, Ivar Smolin, Ignacio Casal Quinteiro, Gabor Kelemen, Kjartan
Maraas, Jorge Gonzalez, Daniel Nylander

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