Gnome-schedule 1.2.0

Gnome-schedule 1.2.0

Gnome-schedule is a graphical configuration tool for crontab and at
daemons, it is written in python with pygtk. You can add reccurent
task and task that will be executed only once. You can make templates
for easy access to tasks you often use.

Since 1.1.0 there is a datafile for each job that is created with
Gnome-schedule in ~/.gnome/gnome-schedule.

This release fixes a whole bunch of bugs available for examination in
the gnome bugzilla and ubuntu bugs, the parsing procedures have as
well been upgraded and are using hopefully even more adaptable and
stable methods.

Also translations of the documentation and new translations of the
program has been added and updated, at the moment gnome-schedule is
translated to 34 languages (from which not all are complete).

The latest development code can be found in the gnome subversion repositories.




- gaute hope
eg gaute vetsj com

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