Announcing: Simplexifier-0.1


Announcing a fairly untested Simplexifier.

Simplexifer is a tool for renaming your JPEG files based on a user
specified pattern and the date and time information from the JPEG's
EXIF data . And makes it possible to rename a whole bunch of photos to
something like "Vacation - 2007-11-04-15.45.31.jpg" where the date and
 time is retrieved automatically.

It is written in Mono and is using libexif. The libexif-sharp bindings
were taken from F-Spot. It was developed on Ubuntu using MonoDevelop.

By the way; I don't guarantee that your photos aren't deleted, so make backups.



It is licenced under GPLv3.

It exists a Windows version, see the homepage.

I hope this is useful,
Gaute Hope

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