Gnumeric 1.7.14 -- Second Beta -- Released

Free, Fast, Accurate -- Pick Any Three!

The Gnumeric Team is proud to announce the availability of Gnumeric 1.7.14, the
second beta release.  This release requires the concurrently released
GOffice 0.5.2,
see below.

Since 1.7.13, a number of crashes were identified, primarily by Sum1,
and promptly
fixed. Also, a few of the feature regressions for printing were fixed;
the rest are fixed
in the current development tree.

Finally, ODF import saw improvements, mainly in charts.

Morten Welinder
On behalf of the team

Gnumeric 1.7.14:

    * Gotz Waschk
          o Print repeated rows and columns.
          o Fix printing crash. [Bug 491775].
          o Reimplement down then across printng
          o Fix paradox plugin compilation. [Bug 489030].
    * Hib Eris
          o ssconvert export options. (Code butchered by Morten.) [Bug 170767].
    * Jody
          o Improve ODF (and .sxc) import.
          o Improve ODF chart data import (ick).
          o Add Snap-to-grid context menu command for objects.
          o Fix Data -> Table and enable the UI.
    * Morten
          o Improve test suite.
          o Fix clipboard text-target export problem.
          o Add date convention to clipboard ranges.
          o Update man pages a bit.
          o Fix excel dual-format write crash. [Bug 490828].
          o Fix problem loading .gnumeric files. [Bug 490859].
          o Fix print crash. [Bug 478552].
          o Fix xls FMR. [Bug 491472].
          o Fix gnumeric sax loader UMR. [Bug 492391].
          o Make text exporter remember settings between invocations.
          o Make text import handle ranges of files with >64k rows.
[Bug 370273].

GOffice 0.5.2:

    * Jean
          o Fix xy color scale when some data are missing. [Bug 475394].
          o Fix NULL pointer crash in gog_line_view_render(). [Bug 492485].
    * Jody
          o Add the ability to make a GogObject invisible.
    * Morten
          o Fix moving-average problem. [Bug 491328].
    * Sum1
          o Fix ABR in spline code. [Bug 492158].


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