Announce: gtkmm-utils 0.3.0


gtkmm-utils 0.3.0 is out. It is available from:

Direct link:
MD5 sum: e62dcf5572c99b9c0491673a4654df97

Changes in gtkmm-utils 0.3.0 since 0.2.1


All header files have been renamed to *.h, to match with most of
the C++ libraries, and especially gtkmm.


Tile: Added added virtual signal handlers, signal_unselected(),
signal_focus_in(), signal_focus_out(). The latter two are emitted by
Tile, while the selected/unselected are now controlled by TileView,
and emitted after the selection has been changed between the packed

There is an option in the constructor to make the contents of the Tile
left-aligned to the image.

TileView now avoids connecting to tiles' signals multiple times.
There's a fix for add_tile() pointer overload, to avoid infinite
loops (eek). It also overrides button press event and does not allow
the focus to escape outside itself with the up and down keys.
And a convenient clear() method has been added.

The Dialog namespace has been removed and the corresponding functions
renamed to dialog_*. There are no additional namespaces any more.


Added trim* string, uprintf() functions. The logging environment
variable is now shortened to LOG_DOMAINS (bug #21360 - Jonathon

What is gtkmm-utils

A C++ utility and widget library based on glibmm and gtkmm.


Code is in a git repository at:


Bugs should be reported at:

Web & contact

Project web site is at:

Wiki, which is also used as a homepage, is at:

GimpNet and Freenode: markoa

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