ANNOUNCE: gtksourceview 1.90

Hi all,

gtksourceview-1.90 is now available.

gtksourceview is a library that provides a widget for source code display
and editing, derived from Gtk's TextView, and used by gedit and nemiver,
among others.

This releases marks the first public step of the 2.0 line, after quite a
long time of background work from great people like Marco Barisione,
Yevgen Muntyan and Emanuele Aina.

The greatest changes in this release are the introduction of a new, smarter
highlighting engine (which is context aware, and so allows much more
niceties than the old one) and a theming support (easier configuration of
colors it uses, better fit in dark themes).

Also, the printing support has been removed (thus dropping the gnomeprint
dependency), since we currently expect people to implement it on an
application basis using the new GtkPrint API, allowing much more control.

But it comes along with an API/ABI break, and the new API is not yet frozen,
so it can still change. So people developping apps should stick on the old
gtksourceview 1.0 line, which lies in the gtksourceview-1-8 branch, unless
they want to experiment a bit. Both lines are parallel installable.

We'd also *love* having early adopters and API feedback (which is the reason
why the API is not frozen yet), as we are adapting gedit to support this new
line, in order to make it even nicer ;-)

Python lovers have not been forgotten: there is a new 'pygtksourceview'
module for them in SVN, which provides a 'gtksourceview2' python module
(gtksourceview is reserved for gtksourceview 1). Same remark as before,
the API is not frozen, and this module hasn't been released yet.

And, last but not least, we are calling for help to enhance both the
language description files (those need to be converted to the new engine
and modified to use its capabilities) and to create new themes (a 'gvim'
theme is being shipped now, but we'd *love* having a 'tango' color theme).

News in 1.90.0

This marks the road to GtkSourceView 2.0, and breaks the API. It is still
considererd API-unstable.

* API update/break
* New highlighting and theming engines (Yevgen Muntyan, Marco Barisione)
* GnomePrint-based print API removal

* Download
md5sum: 982a67ff00dd33742c2a77aec780a9ce
md5sum: 515e7687487a5d3fa309a33388ce562f

* Development

gtksourceview is pretty active currently, finalizing what will become
gtksourceview 2.0.

We are also in need of new/enhanced language description files and color

So don't hesitate to have a talk with the gtksourceview team on #gedit on if you want to give gtksourceview some of the love it needs

Hope you'll enjoy it!


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