[ANNOUNCE] Gnome Subtitles 0.5

What's It?

Gnome Subtitles is a subtitle editor for the GNOME desktop. It supports
the most common
text-based subtitle formats and allows for subtitle editing, conversion
and synchronization.

* About: http://gnome-subtitles.sf.net/about

* Screenshots: http://gnome-subtitles.sf.net/screenshots

* Download: http://gnome-subtitles.sf.net/download

What's New?

Release notes with accompanying screenshots are available at:
http://gnome-subtitles.sf.net/gnome-subtitles-release-0.5 . Its summary

- Initial support for internationalization (i18n)
- Initial version of the user manual, written by Erin Bloom
- New option to select the type of newline to be used for saving a file,
in the
  SaveAs dialog
- Fixed a crash that happened when loading a video with no subtitles open
- Show an error dialog if errors occur when running the application with a
  subtitle file as argument
- Show an error dialog if errors occur when saving a file
- Improved the text messages in the error dialogs
- Fixed the Time and Frames labels regarding the current video position
- Fixed the transparency of the images in the SetSubtitleStart and
  SetSubtitleEnd buttons
- Use stock items for File Properties, and Video Open and Close
- Fixed underline in Video SetSubtitleEnd, which was conflicting with Rewind

Bug Fixes:
- Crash when passing an invalid subtitle as argument (#432233)
- Crash when opening a video with no subtitles loaded (#432635)
- Option to select end line style (unix, windows/dos, mac) (#435606)
- Video menu short cut keys (#436745)
- Exceptions not handled when saving a file (#438446)

- Luciano Ferrer, Erin Bloom

Where's It?

The sources are available at: http://gnome-subtitles.sf.net/download
Packages for distributions will be available ASAP at the same address.


Pedro Castro

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