gThumb 2.10.3 [stable] released

gThumb 2.10.3 [stable] is released

gThumb is an Image Viewer and Browser.

gThumb 2.10.3 is now available for download at:


This is a bug-fix-only release for the stable branch. The UI is unchanged. Distros are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible, given the large number of bugs fixed.

Biggest Changes

RAW photo handling is improved in this release. RAW thumbnailing is much faster now, the camera white balance settings are used, and the RAW conversion cache is pruned more aggressively.

Internal exif-tag-writing functions have been added, to bypass libexif whenever possible, because libexif has a tendency to corrupt MakerNote data.

Quite a few minor bugs have been squashed.

All bug fixes in 2.10.3

* New shortcuts: Alt+S scaling, Alt+C cropping, Alt+R redeye removal.
* New keybinding: keypad-* = zoom to fit. Bug 432700.
* Makes PICTURES xdg-user-dir the default for import, bug #425365.
* Try to extract embedded thumbnail from RAW images. Bug 431483.
* Return NULL if the dialog text entry is empty, instead of
  an empty string, to avoid creation of "no-name" catalogs
* Small memory leak fixed in web-exported error handling.
* Small memory leak fixed in apply_transformation_jpeg.
* Enable debug messages with an environment variable. Bug 361367.
* Bypass libexif when writing tags, to avoid MakerNote corruption.
  Bug #408185.
* Don't list xcf files, no loader is available for them. Bug 433639.
* Fixed bug 431838 - renaming with exif date and time doesn't work.
* Fixed bug 432084 - Transient files confuse gThumb.
* When scaling down by a factor > 100, call gdk_pixbuf_scale_simple
  twice to avoid crashes, freezes. Related to bug 80925.
* Added -w option to dcraw calls, to use the camera-specified
  white balance on raw images. Bug 431484.
* Add support for ogg thumbnails. Bug 430777.
* Run gtk-update-icon-cache in uninstall-hook, as per bug 362604.
* Better code sharing: Use gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_scale to load
  jpeg thumbnails. Same speed as the old f_load_scaled_jpeg function.
* Fixed a crash when a file has no recognized mime type. Bug 428278.
* Fixed bug 407871 - Crash after deleting catalog file.
* Check dimensions of all images types, not just jpegs, to avoid
  preloading giant tiff files. Bug 160460.
* Fixed Bug 434445 - cache grows too large when viewing RAW files
* Fixed Bug 434034 - improperly initialized GnomeVFSFileInfo instance.
* Fixed Bug 434951 - Setting displayed date to exif date is disabled
  when the first selected image does not have exif data.
* Fixed bug 435379. Add image/x-canon-cr2 to the list of known raw
  photo mime types.
* Fixed Bug 436872 - web export fails when image filenames contain
  escapable characters
* Fixed Bug 436881 - web export exports malformed xml
* Fixed Bug 427986 - Navigating folder list with keyboard is difficult
* Fixed Bug 438414 - crash when pressing e/r/l/m in empty folder

Updated translations

Catalan (ca), Swedish (sv), Arabic (ar), Portuguese (pt), Spanish (es)


2.10.x is the current stable branch of gThumb.

Earlier versions are obsolete. Distros that still use 2.7.x (ahem, FC6) should upgrade immediately to 2.8.1, which is the stable termination of the unstable 2.7.x series. There are no UI changes between 2.7.9 and 2.8.1. No further bug fixes are going into 2.8.x.

Development is happening in trunk and the metadata-ideas branch. No releases have been made yet from the development code.

Upgrade and enjoy!

- Mike

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