Swfdec 0.4.3 is out

10.000 lines of code changed, and suddenly Swfdec plays Youtube. Here's the release that makes it possible:

swfdec-0.4.3 "Your tube"
MD5: 7a857dcc9228ac590327b04a90db2e64

This release focused on supporting video features and scripting features. It's been a lot of under-the-hood changes. While it's still nowhere near complete, some video sites - in particular Youtube - now show their videos. Of course, a lot of files still don't work.

swfdec-mozilla-0.4.3 "Now this puny world will bow down to me!"
MD5: b2a412a9cd603e6769a402bd0b68451b

The plugin has seen some important bugfixes. The properties dialog has also become a lot nicer and you can even watch large files downloading.

Swfdec still is development software, but has also followed a rigid no-crashes-allowed policy. I believe it's stable enough now to be installed as a default plugin for people that can live with occasional crashes of their browser. But don't blame me if it does crash. File a bug at https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=swfdec

For additional info, see the homepage at

Happy video watching,

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