Libgda/Libgnomedb 2.99.6 (AKA 3.0 RC1)

I'm pleased to annouce that libgda/libgnomedb version 2.99.6, AKA 3.0
RC1 have been released.

libgda/libgnomedb are a complete framewok for developing database-oriented
applications, and actually allow access to PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase,
SQLite, FireBird/Interbase, IBM DB2, mSQL and MS SQL server, as well as
MS Access and xBase files and ODBC data sources.

libgda/libgnomedb are part of the GNOME Office application suite, providing
database access for many features in Gnumeric.

Changes from version 2.99.5 include:
For libgda:
- Merged several libraries into one for efficiency and because of
inter-dependencies (yselkowitz,
  Gustavo R. Montesino, Christopher Taylor)
- More explicit API function names (Murray Cumming)
- Applications can now check installed DBMS providers (yselkowitz)
- C# bindings removed from the libgda's module (Murray Cumming)
- Added regression tests for SQL parsing and delimiting (Vivien Malerba)
- Reworked SQL delimiter and made the SQL parser report non parsed
characters (Vivien Malerba)
- Embedded SQLite is now 3.3.13 (Vivien Malerba)
- Added configure tests to work around changes in the MDB API (yselkowitz)
- Improved WIN32 building for Cygwin and MinGW (yselkowitz, Gustavo
R. Montesino, Christopher Taylor)
- Bug fixes: #407064, #411811, #314732, #390609, #353404, #411984,
#349548, #412122, #411811
  (Leonardo Boshell, yselkowitz, Armin Burgmeier, Daniel Espinosa,
Murray Cumming, Christopher Taylor,
  Vivien Malerba)
- Lots of minor bug fixes
- Translations:
       - new dz translation (Pema Geyleg)
       - sv (Daniel Nylander)
       - en_GB (David Lodge)
       - it (Marco Ciampa)

For libgnomedb:
- Corrected linker errors when using C++ (Murray Cumming)
- Spell corrections (Murray Cumming)
- Code cleanups (Murray Cumming)
- Data entry widgets improvements (Vivien Malerba)
- Removed the C# bindings (Murray Cumming)
- Always install the doc (Thomas Klausner)
- Lots of minor corrections (Armin Burgmeier, Vivien Malerba, Murray Cumming)
- Bug fixes: #419063, #390609 (Yselkowitz, Murray Cumming)
- Translations:
       - new 'dz' translation (Pema Geyleg)
       - ca (Josep Puigdemont i Casamajó)
       - en_GB (David Lodge)
       - sv (Daniel Nylander)
       - vi (Clytie Siddall)

Tarballs are available (or should soon be) at and

To install this new version, you'll need:
* libgda: glib, libxml2, libxslt
* libgnomedb: libgda and dependencies, Gtk+ >= 2.6.0,
libglade, gtksourceview

You can find more information at the projects' homepage
(, or you can ask
any question/propose anything you
want in the GNOME-DB mailing list, which is available at

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