gThumb 2.10.0 [stable] released

gThumb 2.10.0 [stable] is released

gThumb is an Image Viewer and Browser.

gThumb 2.10.0 is now available for download at:


This is a major new release, with new features not available in the 2.8 series. The following is the list of the major new features of the 2.10 series:

* Added support for displaying remote locations.
* Added red-eye removal tool.
* Added a filter bar, to limit displayed images.
* Added thumbnailing and player-launching for videos and audio files.
* Added programmable hotkeys.
* Added the ability to manually specify photo print sizes.
* Added a zoom-to-width mode.
* Added sort by comment and sort by Exif DateTime tag.
* Adds support for multiple auto-detected cameras, or multiple modes
  for single cameras.
* Enhancements to the crop dialog: added undo/redo support; allow to
  crop multiple times without exiting the dialog; allow to switch
  on/off the selection mask; zoom in/out with mouse wheel; zoom
  keeping the center of the image visible.
* Allows file extension to be changed when bulk-renaming.
* Added "reset Exif orientation tag" tool.
* New re-size options in web exporter to allow equal landscape
  and portrait image sizes.


2.10.x is the new stable branch of gThumb.

Earlier versions are obsolete.

A new development branch will be opened after the release of 2.10.1.

Current Activity

A 2.10.1 release can be expected "soon", as a number of minor bugs have been identified and squashed since 2.10.0 was released into the wild.


Thanks to:

Paolo Bacchilega (main developer)
Michael Chudobiak (me)
Manuel Braga (fixer of tricky bugs)
Jef Driesen (jpeg/exif expert)
Rennie deGraaf (snazzy web album theme)

Upgrade and enjoy!

- Mike

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