ANNOUNCE: Gimmie 0.2.4 released


This is to announce the Gimmie version 0.2.4 release. Gimmie is a
unique desktop organizer designed to allow easy interaction with all the
applications, contacts, documents and other resources you use every day.
Gimmie can be run as a stand-alone application or as a GNOME

To see some pictures of Gimmie in action, check out the Developer
Resource Page located at:

Version 0.2.4 sees the greatest progress so far in a single release.
Including the addition of a preferences dialog to allow customization of
commonly requested settings; a recent history usage graph; Mozilla
downloaded file monitoring; and many bug fixes and stability improvements.

Other improvements in Version 0.2.4 include:

  * Add applet preferences dialog (Johannes Schmid)
  * Make all file operations async
  * Discover files downloaded with Mozilla
  * Fiddle with topic names
  * Add Suspend to shutdown dialog (maxx krakoa dk)
  * Add history graph for Recently Used
  * Fix grabbing for toolbar submenus
  * Hint bug-buddy to file bugs in GNOME Bugzilla
  * Better support openSUSE (James Ogley)
  * Support newest dbus-python
  * Hordes of other bug fixes

You can download it here:
  md5sum: fd7362e15cc0d057aa4ab720d438bce1
  size: 591KB

If you're interested in steering the future of this young project, sign
up for the Gimmie discussion list by visiting

There has been an overwhelming amount of user interest in the last few
weeks.  Let's keep that momentum rolling!


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