Announce: Anjuta DevStudio 2.2.0 (stable) -- Hurricane -- released!


Anjuta 2.2.0 (Hurricane) marks the first stable release of 2.x series.
After several beta releases and lots of bug fixing work we have finally
managed to deliver what we have promised for long; a GNOME IDE that
integrates seamlessly with your favorite development tools.

We will continue our dedication to make your hacker's life as smooth as
watching TV. Your continued suggestions and feedbacks is our never
ending source of inspiration, so don't forget to drop us some bug
reports when you get a chance.

This release contains many bug fixes critical for the stable release.
Please make sure you also install latest gdl and gnome-build (links
given below) packages to take full advantage of all improvements.

For those lucky ones running ubuntu feisty on i386, check out the
download page for instant gratification with apt repository (this is
unofficial. I just created because I could on my machine).

Thanks for this release go to (alphabetically): �ienne Bersac, James
Liggett, Johannes Schmid, Sebastien Granjoux, Vincent Geddes, Thierry
Moisan, tpgww onepost net

Localization: Jorge Gonzalez (es), Ignacio Casal Quinteiro (gl), Takeshi

Happy coding!


Anjuta DevStudio 2.2.0 (stable)

Anjuta is a versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for GNOME
desktop. It features a number of advanced programming facilities that
include project management, application wizards, an on-board interactive
debugger, integrated glade UI designer, integrated devhelp API help,
integrated valgrind memory profiler, integrated gprof performance
profiler, class generator, powerful source editor, source browsing and
many more.

Screenshots: (updated)
Features: (updated)


* Autocompletion in gtksourceview editor.
* Allow/remember target specific options in profiler plugin.
* Allow selecting independent executable target for profiler.
* Fixed class generation templates.
* Updated users manual.
* Updated faqs.
* Simple support for building and executing inside scratchbox.
* Use progressbar instead of messages for system tags creation.
* SDL project template for project wizard.
* Be able to forget previously selected plugins from query dialog.
* Fixes in loading project
* Build fixes for some platforms.
* Fixed lots of bugs, both stability and usability bugs (see below).

Translation updates
es.po, gl.po, ja.po

Bugs fixed
#306968 After a time of write (may be the program make a auto-save), if
you try to save the program detect a more recent version in the file vs.
the buffer.
#310577 Chosen plugins aren't kept after application is closed
#314277 Option for Anjuta 1.x style project files
#315635 There's no SDL wizard...
#315983 Mac OS 10.3/Darwin support
#320192 Shared library targets compiled as executables
#346207 task manager doesn't repaint- anjuta 2.0.2
#350003 crash when doing file->new
#355151 drag/drop into editor window should open file
#355166 in Find dialog, Search Expression combo list is always empty
#358560 segfault while trying use scinilla editor
#362372 Problems with Help->About and a warning when creating a new
#371406 Anjuta 2.0.2-8 hangs on startup
#377461 don't create new message window for each build/find
#390990 Anjuta errors out when attempting to create generic C project
#393680 huge icon on the files pane for .anjuta files
#395362 Tagmanager crashes on update - Probably because of project
#397881 The credits are empty
#400572 Anjuta crashes on file pane refresh
#403502 User should also be allowed to select an independent executable
#403503 Incorrect use of AnjutaPreferences. Use AnjutaSession instead
#412186 crash in Anjuta IDE: Crash on initial app. st...
#417372 Scintilla Editor Crash
#418448 crash in Anjuta IDE: I just installed Anjunta...
#424121 anjuta Cygwin fixes
#424845 crash in Anjuta IDE: I was closing a project ...
#427101 Compiler reports various warnings about sloppy code
#427395 Typo in configuration GUI
#427399 Typo in configuration GUI
#427406 Subversion plugin won't stay unloaded in new session
#427410 Enable changiing of editor for a project
#427702 Creating a static ou dynamic library
#428032 Crashes when removing "other files" sub-tree
#437466 Implement IAnjutaEditorAssist interface
#437688 crash in Anjuta IDE: closing project
#437689 when i generate a new c++ class it ask me to reload the file cpp
#437960 crash in Anjuta IDE: trying to start anjuta
#438878 Using gtksourceview editor for the first time has black
#439710 Use G_DEFINE_TYPE parent_class global variable
#440196 crash in Anjuta IDE: removing a target (other...
#440370 Symbol browser doesn't jump to definition
#440585 Crash on opening source file
#440801 config.h should not be included in libanjuta public header
#440866 Anjuta aborts with numerous assertion failures when adding a new
message view tab
#442038 Makefile-Project Wizard always fails
#442314 Autogeneration fails when there is no
#442315 After calling configure, the build menus are still insensitive
#445171 Build Failure on Slackware-11.0/Garnome: missing #include
#445707 undefined symbol: glade_project_get_changed
#447304 Souceview system default font should used fixed font (one used
for terminal)
#447655 C keyword must NOT be localised
#448034 Anjuta crashes on starting
#448053 Crash on deactivating
#448408 crash in Anjuta IDE: Trying to change the edi...
#448491 Empty Lines Problem

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