Hotwire 0.567

Hello world,

First thing - Hotwire is now canonically located at:
I'll put in place some more mod_rewrite fu to make the transition cleaner soon.

Next - I've put out Hotwire 0.567 with a variety of changes:

Direct download links:

Win32 binary:

One note for people packaging Hotwire: Be sure you add dependencies
for python-dbus and python-gnomevfs (adjust package names as needed).
Hotwire will silently work without them, but is definitely better

Besides the list above, what I have been slowly working towards is
making Hotwire cleanly "remotable" over ssh again.  Basically this has
meant removing gtk as a dependency from the core (hotwire/ module),
and I'm close to removing gobject.  That way the Hotwire execution
engine should run on a remote computer with just Python 2.3 installed.
I might end up with a Twisted dependency, but if necessary we can
reliably just copy that over to the remote machine since it's pure
Python (unlike gobject).

Feel free to toss any bugs you find into the Trac ticket system.


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