ANNOUNCEMENT: Seahorse 2.19.4

Seahorse is the GNOME application for managing encryption keys and
passwords. It also integrates with nautilus, gedit and other places for
encryption/decryption operations.

This is a development/unstable release.

Changes between 2.19.2 and 2.19.4:

    * Added ability to change gnome-keyring master password
      [Adam Schreiber]
    * Display more details about imported keys [Adam Schreiber]
    * Internationalize notification area properly [Adam Schreiber]
    * Now builds with gpg 2.0.x again [Adam Schreiber]
    * Update man pages [Sebastian Dr�
    * Easier selection of archive extensions when encrypting
      multiple files. [Adam Schreiber]
    * Make all dialogs properly transient [Adam Schreiber]
    * Builds with latest epiphany [Sebastian Dr�
    * Fixed many other bugs [Christian Persch, Adam Schreiber]

Updated Translations:

    * Pema Geyleg (dz)
    * David Lodge (en_GB)
    * Jorge Gonzalez (es)
    * Priit Laes (et)
    * St�ane Raimbault (fr)
    * Subhransu Behera (or)
    * Daniel Nylander (sv)
    * Theppitak Karoonboonyanan (th)


Source code:
[MD5 sum: ba4a3c82aa957eef9fb507068c1a945e]


    * Bug reports are appreciated and should be filed in the
      GNOME Bugzilla.

Stef Walter

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