Announcing Rarian 0.5.0


I'm pleased to announce a new version, 0.5.0, of Rarian.

Download links:

bzipped tarball:
gzipped tarball:

What is it?

Rarian is the new name for Spoon.  Spoon is a documentation meta-data
library designed as a spork [1] of scrollkeeper.  As of this release, it
is backwards compatible with scrollkeeper, allowing it to be used in
it's place in a standard (and quite strange) installs of GNOME.  Yelp
works fine with it, through scrollkeeper emulation mode.


The install will automatically move you're scrollkeeper files (if
they're found) out of the way (not delete them) and symlink itself into
place.  If you install additional documentation after installing Rarian
and decide to go back to scrollkeeper, you will need to re-run
scrollkeeper-rebuilddb afterwards.

What's new?

There's quite a lot new this time around:
* Add new pkg-config file
* install headers correctly
* add lots of useful functions for getting info out of rarian
* Add info page support
* Add man page support
* Add scripts and programs to emulate all scrollkeeper scripts
* (optionally) depend on libxslt for scrollkeeper-extract (otherwise, it
  won't be built)
* Add all necessary stuff so installing in place of scrollkeeper in 
  jhbuild works fully
* Add proper COPYING attribution files for utils and lib
* Remove autogen dependance on gnome-autogen
* turn on installed mode by default
* Turn on scrollkeeper compatibility by default
* When scrollkeeper files exist, move them out the way and symlink 
* Fix loads of compiler errors
* Moved home to: (thought there's not too much there
* Oh, and change package name to Rarian (from Spoon)


Rarian was designed to be desktop-agnostic and as such doesn't depend of
glib / other things in the GNOME stack.

* (optionally) libxslt.  This provides compatibility for
* Not much else.  It should be reasonably self-contained.


Thanks to myself for motivating me to get this done.  I owe myself a
beer at GUADEC.  Also, thanks to Daniel Holbach for the patch to remove
compiler warnings.  Finally, a huge thanks to Patryk Zawadzki (hope I
got that right) for the naming suggestion, which rocks.

[1] In this context, a spork is a fork that rewrites everything.  Rarian
is written from scratch, but designed to be compatible with
scrollkeeper.  It's a fork-but-not-really.

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