ANNOUNCE: Gimmie 0.2.7 released


This is to announce the Gimmie version 0.2.7 release! Gimmie is a
unique desktop organizer designed to allow easy interaction with all the
applications, contacts, documents and other resources you use every day.

Gimmie can be run as as a GNOME Panel applet or as a stand-alone
Dock application.

To see Gimmie in action, or to learn more, check out the new Gimmie
Wiki located at:


Improvements in Version 0.2.7 include:

  * Pidgin online status support (James Ogley)
  * Layout fixes for different panel orientations
  * Fix Gtk 2.10 recently used handling
  * List files downloaded by Epiphany (Tony Tsui)
  * Many code cleanups and bugs fixed

You can download it here:
  md5sum: 8347cc68f9150a1332fd9fe54eaef131
  size: 620KB


Version 0.2.7 is the latest stable release of Gimmie, and kicks off
the start of the 0.3.x unstable series.  Further 0.2.x releases here
on out will be maintenance-only.

If you want to get involved in 0.3.x development, check out the
developer resource page:

If you're interested in steering the future of Gimmie, sign up to the
Gimmie discussion group by visiting (hosted by Google Groups).


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