Marlin 0.12 Released

Marlin 0.12 is released. (Woo)

Marlin is a sample editor using GStreamer and GNOMEy things.

After who knows how long I've released a new version of Marlin. Its
had many many bug fixes and changes and things fiddled with since the
last time. It seems to be working nicely.

Finally it uses GStreamer 0.10, and can load/save most common audio
formats. Sample size is limited only by disk space. And it has a green
noise generator which makes beautiful ambient music, but takes ages.
And a lovely crossfader.

It now uses JACK for realtime audio, libsamplerate for sample rate
conversion and Soundtouch for sound stretching effects.

Download it from:
Bugs to:

iain (not funny)

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