GNOME Power Manager 2.16.3

GNOME Power Manager is a session daemon that makes it easy to manage the
power on your laptop or desktop system.

This stable release contains fixes since 2.16.2 was released.
Distributions should consider upgrading gnome-power-manager via errata
packages if possible.

Version 2.16.3

Released January 29, 2007


 - Don't localise the power string as this is used internally for icon name.
   Fixes display of UPS on info pane. (Pascal Terjan)
 - Rename the duplicated keyboard more string so we don't get a crash with
   a wireless keyboard on the info screen.
 - Don't crash if HAL tells us that a button was pressed but then cannot tell
   which one it was. (Pascal Terjan)
 - Fix a race where percentage_charge can be momentarily zero at startup.
   This fixes an incorrect 'fully charged' notification on startup.


 - Mathieu Gaspard (fr)
 - Raphael Higino (pt_BR)
 - Djihed Afifi (ar)
 - Ilkka Tuohela (fi)
 - Matic Zgur (sl)
 - Artur Flinta (pl)
 - Ivar Smolin (et)

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