[ANNOUNCE] gnome-mag 0.13.2 (GNOME 2.16.3)

* What is gnome-mag?

gnome-mag provides a command-line interface for standalone use,
although its primary goal is to provide a set of magnification
services for use by other client applications and assistive 

Download at the usual place :

* What's changed for gnome-mag 0.13.2?

This version is the merge of some bug fixes that goes into 0.14.x and
that now are availabe in 0.13.2 for GNOME 2.16.3. The list of fixes are:

* Fix for bugs #342165 and #342174, avoid useless operations when the
  mag factor and the magnifier viewport is the same as teh one being

* Fix for bug #342170, now the scaled pixbuf, where the image that is
  being scaled is stored, is resized when the magnification factor is
  changed throw the PropertyBag interface. The code that make this
  recalculation is now also shared by the setMagFactor interface.

* Fix for bug #372731. This avoid the magnifier screen flick after the
  user start a server (Gnopernicus, LSR or Orca). Thanks Eitan

* Fix for bug #98240. Now the magnifier have borders!

* Fix for bug #355583. Removed a memory leak. Thanks Aurelian Radu for
  reporting this!

* Fix for bugs #319010 and #348169.

Great thanks for the new translations:

	* Djihed Afifi (ar)
	* Amitakhya Phukan (as)
	* Sayamindu Dasgupta (bn_IN)
	* Yogeesh MB (kn)
	* Fano Rajaonarisoa (mg)
	* Rahul Bhalerao (mr)
	* rajeev shrestha (ne)
	* Amanpreet Singh Alam (pa)
	* Tyronne Wickramarathne (si)

* Where can I get it?

Source code:

Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diógenes <cerdiogenes yahoo com br>

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