nemiver release 0.3.0 a.k.a "Happy New Year" is now available


Happy new year to you all, better late than never :-)

So, what is Nemiver exactly ?

nemiver is a standalone graphical debugger that integrates well in the
GNOME desktop environment.
It currently features a backend which uses the GNU debugger gdb for
debugging C/C++ programs.

Where to get it?

This release is available as a source package in tar.gz format
and can be downloaded from:

What's Changed?

This is a bug fixes, new features, and performance improvement release.
It requires the new 0.3.0 version of the libgtksourceviewmm library.

New features

   [Dodji Seketeli]

   * added a "detach from target" functionality
   * added a basic "find text in source file" functionality

   [Jonathon Jongsma]

   * added a "list source files that make up the current executable"
     functionality. Integrate it into the "open source file" dialog

   [Steven Brown]

   * new set of Nemiver icons

Bug fixes/improvements

   [Dodji Seketeli]

   * better spinner model
   * better debugger engine state management
   * better handling of targets not compiled with -g
   * properly clear the status notebook when target is no more being debugged
   * massive gdb controlling interface performance speedup (> 7X speedup)
   * show hidden directories in the "Run program" dialog
   * better detection of variables in the "hover on variable" workflow
   * set the LD_BIND_NOW environment variable to prevent slow stepping into
     functions that are in DSOs.
   * make ctrl-c (SIGINT) triggers a graceful shutdown
   * better pointer dereferencing behaviour
   * #386473 deleting a breakpoint greys out all actions
   * #381703 Close all open files when switching to a new debug session
   * #386594 update dereferenced pointers during stepping
   * #394485 Variable line-height too high for some variables
   * #384427 breakpoints are not shown on newly open files

   [Jonathon Jongsma]

   * HIG fixes
   * update translation credits in the About dialog
   * make the window title show information about the target being debugged
   * mark more strings as being translatable
   * better management of the nemiver.desktop file
   * #386806 Use placeholder strings (%s) for filenames in messages
   * #396767 call stack widget does not show the frame number

   [Bob Mauchin]
   * #389177 String misleading in
   * #389175 Typos in

   [Marko Anastasov]

   * 394469 – Quicker access to source files

   * [nl] Reinout Van Shouwen
   * [de] Carsten Reith
   * [es] Juan
   * [fr] Dodji Seketeli, Bob Mauchin



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