Announce: Anjuta DevStudio 2.1.0 (beta)-- The Wind -- released!

Hi all,

Greetings and rejoice! The long anticipated Anjuta DevStudio 2.1.0, The
Wind, is now at your service. This proud announcement from Anjuta
development team marks the beginning of beta stage for Anjuta 2.x
series. This is the moment we all have been so eagerly been waiting for
and so wishfully been complaining about.

Following the footsteps of last alpha release 2.0.2 'The Breeze', this
release brings our promise of the much dreamed newgen GNOME IDE very
close. 'The Wind' marks our way towards a truly powerful and
simple-yet-subtle IDE, so far tentatively name 'The Storm'. 

Thanks for the release go to (alphabetically):
   Adam Dingle  <adam(@)>,
   Arjan Timmermann  <arjan(@)>,
   Armin Burgmeier  <armin arbur net>,
   Fredrik Axelsson  <fraxbe(@)>,
   Johannes Schmid  <jhs(@)>,
   Kjartan Maraas  <kmaraas gnome org>,
   Marc Maurer  <uwog(@)>,
   Massimo Cora'  <maxcvs(@)>,
   Sebastien Granjoux  <seb.sfo(@)>,
   Sylvain Defresne <sdefrense(@)>,
  en_CA: Adam Weinberger  <adamw(@)>
  ar: Djihed Afifi <djihed(@)>: ar
  en_GB: David Lodge <dave(@)>: en_GB
  es: Francisco Javier F. Serrador  <serrador(@)>
  hu: Gabor Kelemen  <kelemeng(@)>
  de: Hendrik Richter  <hendrikr(@)>
  nb: Kjartan Maraas  <kmaraas(@)>
  gl: Ignacio Casal Quinteiro  <nacho.resa(@)>
  fi: Ilkka Tuohela  <hile(@)>
  ne: Pawan Chitrakar  <pchitrakar(@)>
  ru: Sergey Safonov.
  ja: Takeshi AIHANA <takeshi.aihana(@)>
  ca: Xavier Conde Rueda <xavi.conde(@)>.

... and many other bug reporters.

As usual your generous contributions are most welcome.

Happy coding!


Anjuta DevStudio 2.1.0 (beta)

Anjuta is a versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C and
C++ on GNU/Linux. It has been written for GTK/GNOME and features a
number of advanced programming facilities. These include project
management, application wizards, an on-board interactive debugger, and a
powerful source editor with source browsing and syntax highlighting.


New stuffs:
New: Debug manager and gdb plugins.
New: Disassembly window in debugger.
New: C++ and gobject class wizard.
New: Mime icons in editor tabs.
New: Improvements in project templates.
New: C++ and java indentation plugin.
New: Save prompt implemented for unsaved data.
New: Documentation updates, both API and users manual.
New: Improvements in glade-3 integration.
New: Many other improvements.

Translation updates:
ar, en_GB, hu, en_CA, nb, es, gl, ca, fi, ru, ne, de, ja

Known issues:
* Devhelp plugin can't be used currently and is diabled by default.
However, even disabled, the context-help should work fine in
out-of-process mode.

Bugs fixed:
#396571 Anjuta crashes as soon as editing starts in normal text files.
#395362 Tagmanager crashes on update - Probably because of project
#377477 when debugging, scintilla editor grays out all lines before
current line.
#342717 Build errors redisplayed AFTER a successful build.
#167534 Multiple errors in strings
#168274 anjuta creates an empty system.tags file
#168301 the new project druid should be center on the anjuta window
#169068 Unclear new strings, with misspellings
#169137 Missing spaces from changed strings
#169138 Spelling error in modified string
#169139 Missing spaces from changed string
#170406 problem when creating a new projects
#170467 crash when changing fonts and color in the preferences dialog
#172666 cvs diff does not always obtain full diff
#173048 library selection plugin
#300228 Ctrl + S intermittent behaviour
#300229 Replace button fault
#300231 Find pane non-functional
#301054 Help window not docked - Anjuta closes when Help window is
#304495 Project saved as fullscreen
#304515 can not edit project properties
#304523 Crashes while importing a project
#304641 Can't type the "-character
#304650 make -j CPUS doesn't always work for anjuta2
#304651 Restoring the project doesn't restore the cursor location of the
#304652 Possibility to set breakpoints in libraries that will be
#304829 questions on use anjuta 2.0
#305076 anjuta 2.0.0: edge column editor preference not functionnal
#305299 Error in anjuta.desktop file
#305301 In menu tree "Settings"->"Customize shortcuts" there are two
lines "Task In menu tree "Settings"->"Customize shortcuts" there are two
similar lines "Task manager"
#305303 Error while installing anjuta-devel rpm package
#306085 Keybindings are not saved.
#306187 bad definition of PACKAGE_LOCALE_DIR
#306474 The ordering of the buttons in the file open dialog is reversed.
#306582 Anjuta crashes when typing "std::"
#306790 doble click in a message, doesn't find the file.
#306966 Search tool on the tool bar don't work correctly
#306970 The order of the command buttons "Close" - "Search" - "Stop" in
the Search Dialog, is useless; the sugestion is: "Search" - "Stop" -
#307800 Crashes when project directory removed from command line.
#307810 Can't configure a project after creating with new project wizard
#307872 Remember Configure and autogen options for the next time
#307886 Activated plugins not remembered
#308007 Bad interpreter in global-tags/
#308870 Glade Plugin Won't open Glade file.
#309153 code cleanup use glib/gi18n.h
#309154 gnome_color_picker is deprecated
#309348 Anjuta 2.0.1, Anjuta application crash upon build (F9)
#309688 When committing a file that is loaded, I get a file-modification
#311420 Crash on terminal deactivation
#311948 some strings untranslatedable Preference dialog
#312227 Crash when selecting debug command
#312566 Patch that will fix another make -j 10 problem
#312666 Return "F3" to execute project
#314069 Window gets hidden when using glade3 plugin
#315188 Project Wizard Problems
#315218 anjuta 2.0 freeze on opening my project
#315521 Failed to compile HEAD-hourly-2005-09-05-18
#316731 Can not add new encodings
#317454 Anjuta crash when array lenght is incorrect
#320191 It's a chore adding/removing files and setting up targets
#320338 Colors of tab menu labels
#320341 Critical error in debugger "locals" window.
#321090 Wrong array/struct/union var type display in locals windows
#321455 Ask for root password when installing
#322634 anjuta_ui_add_action_group_entries : Anjuta Developers Reference
Manual incorrect
#322744 New anjuta plugin project configured incorrectly
#323591 Data lost, two tab of the same file
#324572 anjuta crashes on open
#328209 Crash when opening a file while an unsaved new file is open
#332084 Anjuta crashes, when Ctrl+c is pressed.
#332161 Test editor not opening
#332954 No read permission for:
#333601 GPL headers are first to c-header template.
#333606 Macro contain hyphen
#334546 No more lookup widget
#334663 Allow to set a parent class to new GObject class
#335142 crash when opeing a second file
#335981 Migration from popt to GOption
#336389 Should check for libwnck
#339296 Wizard can't cope with insufficient permissions in project
target directory
#341359 Search function doesnt doing their job.
#341997 The 'Tree' tab in the symbol-browser is not type-to-search able
#342352 Can't close file which in not the current editor
#342375 configure doesn't check for g++
#342401 Compile fix when NLS is enabled
#342447 Crash when using the live-search-entry
#342937 crash after accepting Reload Warning Dialog
#343023 make gives strange error
#344015 on_build_mesg_format prepends an absolute path with the current
#344099 valgrind plugin is not built
#346295 Crash when removing breakpoint
#346450 Crash when removing all breakpoints
#346575 data loss when disk is full
#346775 No highlight styles to edit are shown in the preferences dialog
in anjuta
#347412 crash when opening file with sourceview plugin
#347414 Stack trace window
#349374 Compilation on FreeBSD 6.1
#351387 don't use Alt+key combinations for shortcut keys
#355148 title bar should show name of active project
#355149 Anjuta should warn if I try to exit with unsaved edits
#355156 plugins window should sort plugins alphabetically
#355168 color selection is broken in messages preferences
#355407 The create_global_tags script doesn't find the anjuta-tags bin
#357151 a + character in a directory name confuses anjuta
#357534 syntax coloring fails and breaks selection display
#357537 allow double click in plugin selection dialog
#357542 Anjuta Plugins window is too narrow
#357546 add keyboard shortcut for toggling breakpoint
#358009 activating stack frame in debugger should also jump to source
#358068 indicate when Find in Files is complete
#358134 Goto Address command should prompt more clearly
#358163 debug Inspect/Evaluate dialog leads to crash
#358583 close any project => crash
#359118 Anjuta crashes when trying to open "src folder" after finishing
creating/loading a project
#359259 highlight modes listed in reverse alphabetical order
#359317 can't load debug manager
#359663 make line highlighting optional in GtkSourceView editor
#359730 Anjuta can't launch help files
#359750 fix find/replace shortcut keys
#359862 Bounty: Improve class wizard
#361830 AboutDialog does not close
#363884 CVS head of 21/10 doesn't compile
#363953 contains bash-ism
#364133 There are some GTK+ warning caused by document-manager plugins
#364135 Incorrect widget removed from notebook if call to
anjuta_preferences_dialog_remove_page are not in LIFO
#364137 The valgrind plugin can cause anjuta to crash
#364142 Valgrind plugin crash when unloaded
#364144 There is a warning when closing and reloading a plugin using the
symbol-browser plugin
#364179 Usage of srcdir and argv fields of vg_action object is incorrect
#364754 Subversion plugin doesn't compile with apr 1.2.X
#364755 Glade plugin crashes on anjuta exit
#364801 Unable to edit glade windows in fullscreen mode
#364900 Warning during compilation of valgrind plugin
#364903 Memory leak in valgrind plugin
#369030 has some errors
#374665 Bounty: Use class macros for type casting in all plugin classes
#376031 [PATCH] CVS command file entry dialog show only directories
#376335 menu items should be capitalized
#377027 crash after unloading Terminal plugin
#377043 Intltool-update -m complains about missing files from
#377061 close project while debugging => Anjuta hangs
#377767 resize crashes window manager in gnome
#377903 improve message color defaults
#378850 double clicking breakpoint should jump to its source
#378871 Debug / Info command problems
#378879 several command names need ellipses
#383319 GLADE_PROJECT_VIEW_TREE error with glade 3.1.2
#385597 Closed one project and attempted to open another
#388727 Block-tab does not work
#388731 Odd editor behaviour after performing block-text operations
#389764 Tags search do not retrieve all matching symbols
#392290 Missed install as root option in project manager
#392699 Some patches are necessary to build anjuta on NetBSD 3.0
#393680 huge icon on the files pane for .anjuta files
#394218 Signals list view in gobject class creation tab does not scroll
#395767 when selecting a GTK+ project the sample files generated do not

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