ANNOUNCE: Spam Trainer 0.1.5

What is it?

Spam Trainer makes it easier for GNOME users to train spam filtering
software (e.g. SpamBayes, SpamAssassin or CRM114).

Simply drag and drop your email messages onto the spam/ham icons and
Spam Trainer will do the rest!

Where can I get it?

More information (including screenshots) is available here:

Source packages are available here:

What's new?

* In Mono 1.0 training commands were automatically passed to the
 shell, allowing users to enter shell redirects into their training
 commands (e.g. <, > and |). Mono 1.1 no longer passes commands to
 the shell, so bash is now invoked explicitly.

* The installation scripts have been updated to work with recent Mono
 packages (tested on Ubuntu Edgy).


* Mono (version 1.1 or, hopefully, greater)
* Gtk# (version 1)

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