ANNOUNCE: Hipo 0.2

What is it?

Hipo, is an application that allows you to manage the data of your iPod,
Hipo is based on the cute ipod-sharp library and for tag editing it uses
taglib-sharp.. If you wanna see the Roadmap of hipo
please visit the Hipo Website.

Translations and Packages are VERY welcome ;-)

What's New?

* Fix compilation issues in ArchLinux (Thanks to Eugenia Loli-Queru for
the report).
* Added dialog for edit the device properties. #392430
* Changed svn for http in the taglib checkout. #392482 (Felipe Barros).
* Add ipod-sharp.dll.config to the install rule.
* Clear info when device is not present. #392533
* Add Catalan translation. (Thanks to Gil Forcada).
* Ipod actions greyed out when no device is connected. #392432 (Gabriel
Felipe Cornejo).
* Fix #393968




svn checkout hipo

Bug Report

Please report all the bugs to hipo product on the GNOME Bugzilla.


Best regards,


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