gThumb 2.10.6 [stable] released

gThumb 2.10.6 [stable] is released

gThumb is an Image Viewer and Browser.

gThumb 2.10.6 is now available for download at:


This release focused on:

- improving responsiveness during thumbnailing
- improving responsiveness when viewing remote images
- improving overall stability

Numerous bugs were fixed. Upgrading is strongly recommended.

Fixes in 2.10.6

* Added shift+x keybinding to always perform zoom to fit.
* Added a shift-w keybinding to force a fit width action.
* Faster browsing of remote locations.
* Keep the ui responsive when loading and saving remote images and
  when creating video thumbnails.
* Much faster loading of exif DataTime tags. This provides faster
  folder loading in the sort-by-DateTime mode.
* Fixed bug #464348. Rename tool breaks if template = "%f1%e"
* Fixed bug #450675. Should delete the thumbnails of deleted files
* Fixed bug #453986. Check for invalid unicode in embedded comments.
* Fixed bug #454037. Invalid free when selecting Print in the menu.
* Fixed bug #454489. Theme uses the wrong captions in the thumbnails.
* The default import folder was not properly set to the correct XDG
  "PICTURES" folder. Fixed.
* Fixed bug #455911. Symlink/vfs problem (Ubuntu bug 109579).
* Preload more thumbnails into memory in browser mode. Bug #457529.
* Fixed bug #457685. Sort by Exif DateTime broken in list mode.
* Fixed Ctrl+H (show/hide hidden files) function.
* Add/fix a busy cursor when loading folders and preloading the
  selected image.
* Fixed bug #439043. Preview area always shows last selected image.
* Fixed bug #457936. Names with '#' character break rotation.
* Fixed bug #446792. gThumb deletes pictures on failed import.

Updated Translations

Finnish - Ilkka Tuohela  <hile iki fi>
Basque - Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio  <dooteo zundan com>
Swedish - Daniel Nylander <po danielnylander se>
French - Claude Paroz <claude 2xlibre net>
Spanish - Jorge Gonzalez <jorgegonz svn gnome org>


2.10.x is the current stable branch of gThumb.

UI-breaking development is happening in trunk. No releases have been made yet from the trunk branch.

Upgrade and enjoy!

- Mike

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