Swfdec 0.5.2 released


On request of the Ubuntu Gutsy development team [1], here's 0.5.2.

swfdec-0.5.2 "Kittencannon"
MD5: 94ed0b8a03b98b92bcbb0dad5b19c5e2

swfdec-mozilla-0.5.2 "Something you can do with your finger"
MD5: 1fbe275167286f38e047a39ec2fdf67f

This release marks the beginning of keyboard support, so you can
finally play lots of Flash games that required this feature. But the
focus in this release cycle was on internal improvements and finding
long-standing bugs. This worked out very well, as a lot of Flash files
suddenly started playing. So have fun discovering those files.

Swfdec of course still follows the no-crashes-allowed policy. Should
you still succeed in finding a crasher, please immediately file a bug
at https://bugs.freedesktop.org.

For more information about Swfdec, see http://swfdec.freedesktop.org

contributors to this release:
Benjamin Otte, Pekka Lampila


[1] If you maintain a distro and have a freeze date for new releases,
don't hesitate to ask if we can make a release for you. We'll try to
coordinate a suitable release date for you.

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