[ANNOUNCE] Clutter 0.4.1, new stable release

good news everyone!

release day at the OpenedHand Towers: Clutter core version 0.4.1 has
been packaged, and new releases of the Perl and Python bindings have
been made.

what's new? first and foremost, loads a bug fixes in the timelines,
timeout pool and textures:

   o #471 - Possible to duplicate frames [Rob Bradford]
   o #468 - Typo in clutter_behaviour_rotate_get_center [Neil Roberts]
   o #464 - clutter effect doesn't provide a depth effect [Ali Sabil]
   o #459 - Texture errors
   o #458 - clutter_texture_get_pixbuf broken for tiled
            textures [Neil Roberts]
   o #456 - Can't add/remove timeouts during timeout dispatch [Neil Roberts]
   o #449 - Timelines don't work with different speeds [Neil Roberts]
   o #447 - Return the correct value in clutter_get_timestamp() [Neil Roberts]
   o #422 - Large textures lead to crash when hiding and
            showing [Neil Roberts]
   o #372 - Calling _timeline_pause in the new-frame handler results in
            a stop [Johan Bilien]

also, in this release has been fixed the actor picking when dealing with
ClutterBox, so now calling clutter_stage_get_actor_at_pos() will
correctly identify children of ClutterBox actors and subclasses; it
still won't work for every actor implementing ClutterContainer - for
that you'll have to wait 0.6.

this release also backports the thread-safety API that landed on trunk a
couple of weeks ago; the API additions being quite small and the absence
of regressions made the decision easy enough. the threading model of
Clutter heavily borrows from the equivalent model of GDK - one big lock
is held and only one thread can use Clutter API at any given time.

special thanks to Neil Roberts, for his bug fixing spree. thanks to
Johan Bilien and Ali Sabil for the patches and the testing, and to
Alberto Ruiz for testing on the Sparc platform.





the Python and Perl bindings have been updated to use the newly added
API and now depend on the latest stable release of Clutter core library.

have fun with Clutter!


Emmanuele Bassi, OpenedHand Ltd.
Unit R, Homesdale Business Centre
216-218 Homesdale Rd., Bromley - BR12QZ

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