Swfdec 0.4.4 is out

My enthusiasm got a bit reduced after the last release, but it hasn't
vanished. So here is the new release.

swfdec-0.4.4 "Birthday cards"
MD5: 7f69ae821c6002a857d99656758e8c0b

swfdec-mozilla-0.4.4 "The death camp of tolerance"
MD5: 7d546ac5cc296e58198bb53ccb977021

This release is not really supporting more Flash files. It has focused
on stability and features developers asked for. The big changes are
support for decoding using GStreamer, a new libswfdec-gtk for easy
embedding of Flash files in your application and cleaning up the API
for easier bindings creation.

Swfdec still is development software, but has also followed a rigid
no-crashes-allowed policy. I believe it's stable enough now to be
installed as a default plugin in your browser. Don't expect Flash
files to work, but expect the plugin to not crash. If it does, file a
bug at https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=swfdec

For additional info, see the homepage at

Have fun,

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