Ascal 0.1.0 released


we proudly announce our Ascal 0.1.0 "Remember the greatest race driver of all times - Schumi wir werden dich vermissen" release.

Ascal is a Gnome Version of the board game Lasca (or Laska).

* What is it ?
Lasca is a game similar to Draughts but with some really cool enhancements. In a future release you'll find a great description in the help system of Ascal. In the meantime the article on Wikipedia and

will help you understanding the rules. Ascal tries to give a great Gnome experience of Lasca for one and two players. You can undo moves, save and load games and all that on a nifty graphical board.

* Where to get it ?

We don't have a website atm but you can download it from

* What's changed ?
* Better AI
* i18n possibility
* German translation
* Beginning of Desktop integration


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