ANNOUNCE: gnome-gpg 0.5.0

I've just released version 0.5.0 of gnome-gpg, which is available here:

Gnome-gpg is a command line wrapper for GPG that presents a graphical
passphrase entry dialog and optionally allows the user to store their
passphrase in the Gnome keyring (either the session keyring or the
permanent one).

Changes in this release include:

* Use the same gnome-keyring item name as Seahorse does, so that the
  user only needs to enter their passphrase once.

* Detect if gnome-keyring is available.  If it isn't do not show the
  "save password" checkboxes, and don't attempt to save the passphrase.

* If the user got their passphrase incorrect, include some text to
  this effect in the dialog.

* Swipe the man page from the Debian package.


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