Announcing Labyrinth 0.3


I'm pleased to announce the release of Labyrinth 0.3 "Beautiful Insane".
This is the third in the "Out of Nothing" series of
releases, which will result (at some point) in a V1.0 release.

What is it?

Labyrinth is a lightweight mind-mapping tool for GNOME.  It is written
in python and uses cairo for its drawing.  It is intended to be as light
and intuitive as possible, but still provide a wide range of powerful

Screenshots (and a little more info) is available at its homepage:


First, a couple of thanks for help during this release:
Kevin Kubasik for getting labyrinth maps searched by Beagle
Josef Vybíral for the stunning new icon
Andreas Sliwka for the massive Browser rework
Jean-François Fortin Tam for the masses of testing and many suggestions
Florian Ludwig for the fantastic new website design
Everyone else that's been involved in development and test.

What's new?

New Features:
 * Open maps from the command line (allowing Beagle to work with
labyrinth properly) - Kevin Kubasik (Issue #3)
 * Add "Further Info" to all thoughts allowing further notes to be
attached to any thought.  Some work borrowed from Gourmet Recipe Manager
 * Store maximised state for maps across saves
 * Export as Image (png and jpeg)
 * Selecting text within thought now works
 * Cut / copy / paste using clipboard and primary selection
 * Much improved handling of multibyte characters and non-English
keyboard layouts
 * Massively cool new tango-ified icon (Josef Vybíral)
 * Large Browser internal rework.  Added optional trayicon (disabled by
   Can be enabled by passing --use-tray-icon to labyrinth
    - First step towards an applet (Andreas Sliwka)
 * Much improved Browser window layout, adding menus and moving
   the "Help->About" from Map windows to the Browser window, among other
things (Jean-François Fortin Tam, issue #15)
 * Add debug printing framework (Andreas Sliwka)
 * Change cursor when moving mouse across thoughts to reflext currently
   available action
 * Merge "Move" and "Edit" mode into single "Edit" mode
 * Selection of multiple thoughts now possible
 * More performance work
 * Massively improved RTL support
 * Add (experimental) Undo / Redo framework
 * Add menu entry to link / unlink selected thoughts
 * Use tango-ified colours for text selection colour and to denote
   and root thought (until theme support is added)

 * Regenerate when required (Issue #1)
 * Add icons to toolbar as temprary fix for issue #2
 * Fix thought numbers across saves (issue #6 and #32)
 * Don't "jerk" thoughts around when moving (issue #19)
 * Escape should finish editing thoughts (issue # 23)
 * Backspace at start of thoughts breaks things royally (issue #25)
 * Problem resizing drawings / images using the top-right corner
 * ctrl-a selects either all thoughts or all text in (currently editing)
 * Improvements to handling of arrow keys within editing thoughts
 * Fix several unclear and confusing messages (Issue #28)
 * Change mode when inserting image.  Remember current mode across saves
   properly (Requires PyGtk >= 2.10)
 * Fix export dialog to show up properly (Issue #29)

 * ru (Alexandre Prokoudine)
 * nl (Rigo Ketelings and Max Beauchez)
 * pl (Tomasz Dominikowski)
 * pt_BR (Leonardo Gregianin)
 * ca (Gil Forcada)
 * cs (Josef Vybíral)
 * fr (Mathieu Leduc-Hamel and Jean-François Fortin Tam)
 * pt_PT (Luis Gomes)
 * eu (Zunbeltz Izaola)
 * sv (Robin Sonefors)
 * de (Raphael Schmid and Florian Ludwig)

In addition, an highly experimental build is available for Windows

Getting this version

This version can be found on the homepage, or by clicking one of these

f7122423d8780053ec8de8c77cc7295b labyrinth-0.3.tar.gz
d06a89239d53ae31846344c18b0df731 labyrinth-0.3.tar.bz2
50e8ad27e746c1bfff0f6bb8da392bd4 labyrinth_0.3-1_all.deb
2dc250a2a3dd84f7e1763e8b865361d2 labyrinth-0.3.exe

The Windows Version

The provided Windows build (a self-extracting executable) is highly
experimental.  The changes required to build from source on Windows has
not been integrated yet.  If you are interested in the changes, please
let us know.  Note also that translations are missing from this version.

Our Links

If you discover a problem with Labyrinth or want to make a suggestion,
please report this to our issue tracker at

If you want to contribute or ask questions, or if you just want to join
our gang, the mailing list is labyrinth-devel googlegroups com

Instructions for getting the latest SVN trunk can be found at


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