GDM2 2.17.2 (unstable), the "Janette" Release


(If you have no clue what gdm is, skip a few paragraphs down first)

The 2.17.2 release is an unstable release of GDM with the following
new features.  This fixes some issues discovered since the last
release on October 30th, a week ago.

- Add ConsoleKit support.  This is a new feature and not tested.  If you
  find that GDM does not allow you to log in, try using the configure
  option --with-console-kit=no to turn this feature off.  This feature
  turns on GDM notification of session open, close and lock events via
  D-Bus.  (William Jon McCann)

- Added warnings when no themes are selected in "Random Theme Mode".
  Disable the delete button on Random theme mode for the theme that
  is selected in "single theme mode". (Lukasz Zalewski)

- Fix custom lists so that focus does not leave the username/password
  entry field.  (Brian Cameron)

- Add new languages to the locale list.  (Peter Nugent)

- Translation updates (Priit Laes, Christophe Merlet, Francisco Javier
  F. Serrador, Alexander Shopov, Ilkka Tuohela)

Note:  GDM2 was originally written by Martin K. Petersen <mkp mkp net>.
Much work has been done on GDM2 by George Lebl, and Brian Cameron
currently shares maintainership duties with the Queen of England.

Note2:  If installing from the tarball do note that make install
overwrites most of the setup files, all except gdm.conf.  It will
however save backups with the .orig extension first.

Note3:  Note3 has been depracated ...


Online Documentation -
Latest Stable        -
Latest Unstable      -

No RPM this time around BTW.  Have fun.  A spec file is included though,
so you can try:

   rpmbuild -ta gdm-whatever.tar.gz

Have fun,


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