[ANNOUNCE] Gnome-utils 2.17.0 - "Song for Sunshine"

Hi all;

in the wake of the latest stable release, here's the latest unstable
release of the GNOME Utilities package, the first of the new development
cycle which will lead to GNOME 2.18.

So, here's to you gnome-utils 2.17.0:

GNOME Utilities 2.17.0 (6th November 2006) - "Song for Sunshine"

    * First unstable release of the 2.17 cycle


    * Add filesystem type in the preferences dialog.
    * Remove the search feature, as it replicates gnome-search-tool.
    * Add the ringchart to the main window. [Alejandro G. Castro]
    * Fix bug #355187 - Make the Usage column not resizable.
    * Fix bug #351987 - Baobab hangs on directories with wrong permissions.
    * Fix bug #365086 - Add a 'Refresh' action.
    * Fix bug #363613 - Highlight the currently selected directory
      in the ringchart. [Miguel A. Gomez]
    * Fix bug #363608 - Update how the tooltips are drawn in the
      ringchart. [Miguel A. Gomez]
    * Use a custom progress cell renderer instead of images.
    * Update the spinner widget to the latest version.
    * Remove obsolete images.
    * Miscellaneous clean ups.
    * Reduce memory usage.


    * Fix Debian bug #393372 - Remove rc2229.txt from the installed
    * Fix bug #361856 - Add multihead support for the about and
      preferences dialogs.


    * Nothing


    * Fix bug #167089 - Remove unneeded headers.
    * Fix bug #361016 - Fix drag and drop of the screenshot image.
    * Fix bug #354685 - Implement the advertised dragging of image
      data. [Ross Burton]

Search Tool

    * Fix bug #360395 - Numpad enter doesn't work.
    * Fix documentation error.
    * Update the spinner widget to the latest version.

System Log Viewer

    * Nothing

Translation Updates By:

    Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es), Ivar Smolin (et),
    Meelad Zakaria (fa), Ilkka Tuohela (fi), Fabio Marzocca (it),
    Satoru SATOH (ja), Kjartan Maraas (nb), Daniel Nylander (sv),
    Deniz Ko� (tr), Clytie Siddall (vi), Woodman Tuen (zh_HK, zh_TW)


Emmanuele Bassi,  E: ebassi gmail com
W: http://www.emmanuelebassi.net
B: http://log.emmanuelebassi.net

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