ANNOUNCE: gcalctool v5.9.7 [hopefully stable]

Gcalctool is the default GNOME desktop calculator.

It has Basic, Advanced, Financial and Scientific modes. Internally it
uses multiple precision arithmetic to produce results to a high degree
of accuracy.

This release is for GNOME 2.17.2

Changes since the last gcalctool version (5.9.4).

* Fixed bug #358782. Fixup sloppy string handling.
* Fixed bug #364410. Incorrectly rounded pi constant.

Updated String Translations (thankyou!)

Ilkka Tuohela           - fi.po: Updated Finnish translation.
Thierry Randrianiriana  - mg.po: Added Malagasy translation.
                       - LINGUAS: Added 'mg'.
Kjartan Maraas - nb.po: Updated Norwegian bokm\303\245l translation.

You can download this new version from:

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